Welcoming the LGBT Community Is Good Business

Arizona Governor Brewer’s smart decision to veto the restrictive law enabling regressive business practices against the LGBT was welcome news. People are people. If there is one lesson learned over time it is that no one should be allowed to discriminate against another for who they are.

As you might know, Graceful Aging is an informative website and talk show on aging issues hosted by attorney Gregory Bator. Prior to the Arizona uproar, he sat down with Natalie Pearce to discuss what business owners can do to be more profitable and welcoming. Soon you will see the addition of an LGBT welcome to our own website. Consider some things you might do at your business.

Simple steps can open doors to the LGBT community. Aging is not sexually oriented. Natalie Pearce, a nationally trained specialist, offers a variety of easy ways that will make your place of business more inviting.