Housing & Care for Seniors and Persons with Special Needs


Our expertise in representing nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations dates back to our origins. Since 1981, when we planted the first seeds of our senior care and health care practices, we have been counseling nonprofit and tax-exempt clients regarding their rights and obligations. Today our nonprofit clients range in every size and location throughout Michigan.

We guide clients through their entire life cycle, from corporate formation and choice of entity, through mergers and affiliations, and sometimes to dissolution.  We collaborate with our clients to help them achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

We remain on the cutting edge of our field by regularly speaking on issues unique to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. Our attorneys are recognized for the depth and breadth of their expertise.

In an era of corporate misdeeds, we help clients develop best operating and governance practices. During times of fiscal austerity, we help them downsize, consolidate and, if appropriate, seek affiliation partners.  At all times, we help them access available legal protections and keep our eye on the practical.

Our responsibility and our mission are to help keep the independent sector vibrant and viable.